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The Death of RIM?


The more I read, the more I think we are seeing the slow and painful death of RIM.  And that saddens me.

I used a Blackberry for years, and it was great.  They were pioneers and really pushed the envelope of business communications and mobile technology.   But somewhere along the path, RIM got lost. They wandered too far into the woods and couldn’t find their way out.  There were too many trees in the way.

The article linked below offers one of the best takes on this situation I’ve seen.  The author talks about RIM as a business company trying to appeal to consumers, while Apple was a consumer company learning to appeal to business.  That’s a really telling statement and I think it’s right on.

RIM never really “got” the whole idea of appealing to general consumers.  They were always a business tech company.  They missed the market, and they are suffering for it.

The problem is that RIM’s business model worked great in a world where Business Devices were separate from Personal Devices.   People kept devices and things separate.

The world changed.

Gone are the days when people have multiple devices.  I see it in my own company.  People buy personal devices (for what ever reason) and want to use them for work as well as their personal lives.  It’s a natural evolution.  Our lives are more and more connected to the internet, cloud, friends, work, family, apps…you get the idea.  The lines between and work and “personal” have blurred.

So when RIM announced the Playbook in a rushed attempt to compete with the iPad and required the device to be tethered to a Blackberry….well, the writing was pretty clear.  The device was pretty much universally panned by the media and consumers.   That crashing sound you’re hearing?  That’s RIM’s stock falling into the basement.

So as we wait and see what will become of RIM, there’s a good lesson to be learned here.  Never underestimate the power of consumers to shift a market, and a product to lead consumers along the path.

Check out the article below.  It’s a great read.

Pay close attention to the last couple of paragraphs.  The author raises an interesting point, and may be showing us a bit of what’s to come.

Gregs Bite: RIM and Nokia death throes | MacTech.

Yes, but…



do you have to buy them in bulk?  Say a case of 20 or more?

Motorola Xoom Now Available at Costco for $500 | Netbooknews – Netbooks, Netbook Reviews, Smartbooks and more.

I find it very interesting that we are seeing such a proliferation of ways to buy Android tablets, and yet, it doesn’t seem like too many people are actually buying them.

I’ve admitted to being a bit of an Apple Fan Boy, but in reality, I love technology and gadgets.  So it’s disappointing to me to see the Android tablets not getting the market penetration they deserve.

Maybe Costco is the answer.

But I doubt it.