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End of an era…

Novell investors approve takeover by Attachmate | Business Tech – CNET News

I have to say this makes me sniffle a bit.  

I got my very first experience with networking and larger systems on a Novell system. Back in the early 90’s they were the bomb in the networking world.

It’s a little sad to see them go. Unfortunately they are a great example (much like Borders) of what happens when you don’t change with the times and cannibalize yourself to stay current.

I can haz reminder??

Medicine and Technology [part of HCPLive]: GlowCaps are the next iteration in helping patients remember their pills

I wat to know if I can change the message it calls with?  A nice polite woman (or man) would be good, but if they really want people to take their meds, it would “guilt” them into taking it.  Something like their mother saying, “If you really loved me, you’d take your meds.”

/evil_grin on

Wile E. Coyote…Super Genius

‘Thinking Cap’ Designed to Promote Creativity : Discovery News

Why do I have visions of someone slapping something like this on their head, and coming out with an urge to chase a rabbit?

They had ways of accomplishing the same “effect” in the 60’s.  I think they passed around a lot of it a Woodstock.

Not just for kids

Lego bot built to test Kno’s tablet textbook, human overlords watch gleefully (video) — Engadget

My oldest son is really into legos.  He can build just about anything and I keep encouraging him to develop the skill.  This article (and video) prove that you never know when a skill will come in handy.  I can’t help but wonder how much it would have cost to build something like this 5 years ago.