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Cool, but no thank you.

iPad set to replace restaurant menus and reduce staff | TiPb

I have a confession to make.  

I love going out to eat.  

It’s a bit of a joke in our house, as my wife is the same way.  Give us an excuse to go out, and we’re reaching for our coats and telling the kids to get their shoes on.  It doesn’t take much.

I suspect that I have different reasons than my wife.  

For me, while yes, it’s about eating (less so much now that I’m trying to drop some weight), but it’s also about the experience.  Maybe I should rephrase that.

It’s about the “experience”. 

I love the whole spectrum of going out to eat.  From the mood and decoration of the restaurant, to the menu, the music (if any), the people, conversation, I love it.  And one of the most important pieces to the culinary experience, the wait staff.

Nothing can make or break a great meal out than a good or bad waiter/waitress.

Good service is an art form, and one that seems to be on the decline today.  The ability be friendly, anticipate needs, and enhance the experience is nothing short of wonderous.

As such, I have no problem tipping well (even though my math sucks – hey, there’s an app for that).

So when I read the article linked in this post, it really makes me sad.

No thank you!

If I want to have a “drive-in” experience, I’ll go to Sonic.  I don’t want to order my food on an iPad at a nice restaurant.

I enjoy the interaction.  I like the assistance of a great waitress that can recommend a good wine with my steak.  I enjoy the whole “experience” of the dessert tray presentation.  

Call me shallow, but it’s all part of what I’m paying for when I go out to eat.

I’m sure there are people out there (namely my kids) that will think I’m being silly.

But for me, there are some things tech just can never replace.

Oh great.  Now I’m hungry.