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Cool, but no thank you.

iPad set to replace restaurant menus and reduce staff | TiPb

I have a confession to make.  

I love going out to eat.  

It’s a bit of a joke in our house, as my wife is the same way.  Give us an excuse to go out, and we’re reaching for our coats and telling the kids to get their shoes on.  It doesn’t take much.

I suspect that I have different reasons than my wife.  

For me, while yes, it’s about eating (less so much now that I’m trying to drop some weight), but it’s also about the experience.  Maybe I should rephrase that.

It’s about the “experience”. 

I love the whole spectrum of going out to eat.  From the mood and decoration of the restaurant, to the menu, the music (if any), the people, conversation, I love it.  And one of the most important pieces to the culinary experience, the wait staff.

Nothing can make or break a great meal out than a good or bad waiter/waitress.

Good service is an art form, and one that seems to be on the decline today.  The ability be friendly, anticipate needs, and enhance the experience is nothing short of wonderous.

As such, I have no problem tipping well (even though my math sucks – hey, there’s an app for that).

So when I read the article linked in this post, it really makes me sad.

No thank you!

If I want to have a “drive-in” experience, I’ll go to Sonic.  I don’t want to order my food on an iPad at a nice restaurant.

I enjoy the interaction.  I like the assistance of a great waitress that can recommend a good wine with my steak.  I enjoy the whole “experience” of the dessert tray presentation.  

Call me shallow, but it’s all part of what I’m paying for when I go out to eat.

I’m sure there are people out there (namely my kids) that will think I’m being silly.

But for me, there are some things tech just can never replace.

Oh great.  Now I’m hungry.


Nokia: ‘Our first priority is beating Android’ — Engadget

So you partner with Microsoft to deploy Windows phones?


This is what you want to do?

/shaking head

Thank you God…

Groupon axes controversial ad campaign –

/rant on

I’m not easily offended.  

No, really. I’m not.  It takes a lot to offend me.  Case in point. I lived in Kansas for years, and the whole “no teaching evolution” thing only annoyed me.  It never offended me.  

However, these ads really made me uncomfortable.

I saw the first one during the Super Bowl, and wow.  Instant offense.

It was the “Tibet” ad, and it was really insensitive.  There are certain lines you just don’t cross.  Making fun of the plight of Tibet to sell a web site?  Yeah.  Offense meter = bright red.

Wonder if GroupOn can get their money back?  

Or maybe they should go in with a bunch of other companies, get a real ad agency, and see if they can get a big group discount.

/rant off

OMG…really? Can’t we wait a bit?

Apple preparing iPad 3 for September? | TiPb

Seriously?  The iPad 2 hasn’t even been announced yet, and we’re talking about iPad 3?  


Let the hype for the hype begin.


MPAA Threatens To Have Google Disconnected From The Internet Over File Sharing? | Techdirt



Wow.  Someone, somewhere has an inflated view of their position in the universe.

Couldn’t agree more…

If The US Wants To Have Any Credibility On Internet Freedom It Should Drop The Attempt To Prosecute Assange | Techdirt

Seems like the govt is really setting itself up for a giant slice of hypocritical pie.

/sad face

Rant for the Day

Medical Smartphones [part of HCPLive]: Will physicians “prescribe” medical apps for patients?

/rant on

OK…so I read this before I had all my coffee this morning, but it still strikes me as a little on the strange side.

What the article basically says is that much as docs currently have specific drugs they use for certain conditions (largely based on personal preference) it is possible that soon they will have the same situation developing for medical apps. Different companies with different apps, vying for doctors to “prescribe” their apps.


I can just see it coming.

Big Pharma already spends billions of dollars on their pharmacy sales forces.  These people don’t really “sell” so much as they are glorified PR people.  

So is this what’s coming for the tech sector and companies making medical apps?  Are we going to see yet another legion of PR folks in suits wanting 10 minutes of a physician’s time so they can pitch their app.

I hope not.

As someone who works in the health care sector, doctors have enough demands on their time without adding something as openly silly as this.  

While I applaud innovation and new ideas, I hope the tech sector will find a better way to manage this.

There are a lot of talks going on right now within the FDA about regulating medical apps as medical devices.  What should be regulated?  To what level?  

Parallel to those talks, there needs to be a serious effort among the Health IT practitioners (not the developers) to find a way to shield our docs against this sort of onslaught.

You’re going to hear me advocate for this more and more, but Health IT departments/groups/organizations need to have specific areas devoted to new innovations and research.  They need to be a smaller group tasked with seeking out new technology, testing it and arranging small pilots.

Call it tech incubation. Call it tech research.  Call it the office of the CTRO (chief technology research officer).  Call it what ever.  The waves of new stuff coming are going to be Tsunami-sized, and there needs to be some way to manage it.

OK…I feel better. I think I’ll go shovel some snow.

/rant off

Rant for the day

Cures For Paralysis, Diabetes And Blindness Hindered By Patents | Techdirt

/rant on

OK, it seems to me that the vast majority of people on the planet, or at least, the “thinking” people in this country understand the basic issue with the Patent System here in the U.S.  In short, it’s broken.

For those of you that don’t, the basic problem is that it seems the US Patent Office is staffed by a bunch of mindless monkeys that insist on handing out patients as if they were candy at a Shriner’s parade.  

Things that 10 years ago would have been considered silly to even consider patenting, are now cleared on a routine basis.

Example; the bit in the linked article that states a patent for, “using stem cells to reverse diabetes.”  Not “how” you do it, just a blanket patent on the “idea”.  

OK, now I realize that I’m probably oversimplifying this whole thing (or at least that example), but really.  Based on the seeming criteria here, I could patent a process “for eliciting overly large burps by combining diet coke, mentos, and oxygen.”  

Really.  That’s what it’s come to.

I speak of this here because the tech industry is one of the worst for trying (and often succeeding) in patenting vague, general and overly-simple ideas.  

What’s happened to patenting an invention?  Something you’ve actually built and not just thought up.

Yes, I know there is money to be made. Yes, I know there are concepts to protect.  But seriously folks.

Until the Patent Office realizes the fundamental issue and fixes the problem, patents will continue to be an obstacle to invention rather than a true protection for it.

OK…that’s all.

/rant off

Now excuse me, I need to find my mentos and diet coke.